Exclusive:Which wedding? Eric Omondi denies claims that he is getting married next year

Eric Omondi with with his girlfriend
Eric Omondi with with his girlfriend

Eric Omondi’s love life seems to dominate the headlines more than the comedy he is doing at the moment. The former Churchill Show alumni has been the subject of many allegations and counter-allegations that concern his personal life.

eric omondi
eric omondi

There is one claim that has been swirling back and forth in the blogs about his impending nuptials next year to his fiancee Chantal that is supposed to take place in September.

Eric Omondi

We here at Mpasho.co.ke called the comic to clarify and explain whether the rumour was true? Eric never ducks a call and is almost always light-hearted about the issues in his life. He responded with shock saying:

Which wedding bro? Nyinyi watu wa blog…

Eric omondi
Eric omondi contemplating

When we enquired further about what he was telling us he asked pointedly?

Who wrote that story? I am seeing it everywhere. When I do my wedding I will let you know. 

Eric omondi
Eric smiling

That settles it, people. The man is not getting married in September next year. Eric got engaged to Chantal back in 2016, even paying dowry to her parents. When asked about getting married in the past he had said:

It is not easy. Weddings and the process around them can be very involving. As much as people expected this to happen earlier, the good thing is we are doing it at our own speed. I want something perfect for my sweetheart. Not just another wedding but a memorable affair that befits her class. And when it happens, you can be sure we won’t be sparing any effort.

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